Cass Dalglish


Humming the Blues
"These are the Ur texts, literally, original writings committed to stone and clay thousand of years ago in Mesopotamia... These poems, lapis blue and saffron-perfumed, come through Cass Dalglish from ancient Enheduanna in the voice of a sister who carries ruined roses and woe across many centuries... "
–Heid Erdrich

Nin Creed is a feminist poet embarking upon a quixotic journey to recover the lost writings of her late mother, a scholar and linguist... Her quest evolves into a voyage of discovery into the enduring power of the written word in linking women to one another across the centuries.

Sweetgrass is a novel, written – much as a composer might create musical work – in the style of a Catholic mass.

Selected Works

A jazz interpretation of cuneiform signs in Enheduanna’s Song to Inanna (Ancient Iraq, 2350 BCE).
Nin is a magical quest that reveals the history of women's writing.
A sacred mystery about child abuse.